Finding Creative Ways to Celebrate YOU!

What Makes Special Events So "Special?"

What Makes Special Events so “Special?”

A special event is an unusual undertaking, a celebration, if you will, that is rooted into your organization's mission.

The fact that it doesn’t happen every day makes it special right off the bat! But, by adding extra elements of excitement, glamour, or education, your HAPPENING draws more attention from more people. And, Voila! More people will know about YOU and what you DO!

What is KEY to any special event, large or small, is to understand:

  • WHO you are
  • WHAT you’re selling (this means MISSION)
  • WHO your audiences are
  • and, WHAT you want to communicate.

And, by using CREATIVITY, IMAGINATION and RESEARCH in planning your event, we can produce novel and interesting ways to make it very special indeed!

Your Idea, Our Research...

Maybe you have an idea for an event, celebration or happening and YOU want to be the producer, but, you don't have time to do the research to find that certain something that makes all the difference in the world.  Well, WE CAN DO THAT!

Creativity is Our Comfort Zone

We like to stretch the boundaries in planning and developing events and occasions that run the gamut from promoting "Disney on Ice" to historically themed dinners and everything in-between.

Nothing stimulates the imagination and creative juices like a challenge!  Here are a list of projects that have dazzled and been fun and produced success:

Gospel Brunches

Heritage Music Concerts featuring Gospel Choir of Virginia Union University

"Elephant Brunch" for Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus

Special Appearances of Characters for Disney on Ice

"A Civil War Wedding in Virginia" special event

Victorian Picnic in the Garden

Richmond, Virginia promotion of John Grisham movie, "Mickey"

and, many others!



Constant Competence and Creativity


A history of success with a wide variety of projects is a constant theme for bcreative. Whether it's conducting an online artshow, planning a light festival, orchestrating musical programs, "catering" an Elephant Brunch, hosting media receptions and "Meet & Greets," or creating special events for groups, competence, creativity, craftshmanship and pizzaz are bywords for every undertaking!

Making Memorable Occasions!

Whether it's crafting news releases, orchestrating events or just helping you plan them, bcreative brings a depth of experience and originality that will make your occasion wonderful and memorable!

Next Steps...

Contact us with your details and it will be "off to the races!"